• Dominance, Submission and Aggression
    Unfortunately, far too many dog trainers fail to understand the ethological meaning of the terms dominance, submission, and aggression and use them inappropriately. If this topic interests you more, I highly recommend the books by ethologist, Roger Abrantes, and animal behavior expert Temple Grandin.
  • Food Aggression in Dogs

    We generally distinguish two types of food aggression in dogs: a genetic predisposition and a learned behavior. The former is more common and has to managed and the latter less common but can be resolved.

  • Leash Aggression

    Leash aggression in dogs is one of those phrases we hear regularly. Most dog owners use this term if their dog loses their mind at other dogs, or people, or cars, or bikes, or whatever, when on a leash.

  • Dog Misbehavior

    Much of what is called dog misbehavior is rooted in genetic frustration. Most dog misbehavior is not that but simply a normal—and perfectly fine—behavior expressed in an inappropriate context.

  • Saying Goodbye to Your Dog

    Sadly our dogs don’t live as long as we do. One dog year roughly equals seven human years. The correct calculation is a bit more elaborate, but seven years is close enough for reference purposes. With proper nutrition and care, ...

  • Canine Enrichment

    Mental stimulation is important for long-term health. This is no different for dogs. Teaching dogs to make good decisions and solve problems doesn’t happen through solitary confinement. Engaging dogs on multiple levels is ...

  • Dog First Aid Kit

    Accidents happen and it is better to be prepared beforehand. This includes putting together a great first aid kit for your dog. Obviously, there are many dog first aid kits on the market and I have rarely seen one that was inherently bad ...

  • Positive Dog Training
    Everyone wants positive, science-based dog training. That's what's best for your dog, right? Are you sure, it's that simple? There is a lot more to good dog training than you've been told. Find out what actual, peer-reviewed learning science ...
  • Separation Anxiety in Dogs
    Every dog finds forced isolation unpleasant. No dog enjoys you going to work and leaving them alone for eight to ten hours a day. Dogs are social creatures. While dogs sleep a lot and do need their alone time, most of the time, they would rather...
  • Build Your Dog Up!
    Building your dog up is the key to a successful partnership with your furry family member. Too often, trainers just want you to punish your dog for perceived misbehavior. But how can your dog know what you want if you never made it clear so he can understand?

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