Our Services

  • Virtual Coaching

    Virtual coaching sessions with Ralf are available by the hour or as part of consulting packages. You can discuss any and all dog training, or business-related topics you are interested in. Sessions are usually conducted via Zoom, which allows for video demonstrations and reviews or by phone if appropriate for the topic.

  • Shadow Student
    As a Shadow Student you get to spend an entire week with Ralf, participate in all client cases, with all board and train dogs and talk about dogs and dog training all week. You will learn training principles, learning theory, canine psychology, training methods, tools and techniques, canine health, business skills and so much more.
  • Building Confidence
    Does your dog feel insecure, look nervous or bark out of fear? Is your dog afraid of loud noises? Or when seeing strangers? Or just scared of everything? Or does your dog lose it when you leave the home? Or ...? Fear and anxiety in dogs come in many forms. Fear can be related to people, things, sounds, sights, places, and so on. Anxiety from separation is another form, often found in rescued dogs. In response to fear, some dogs sniff the ground nervously, some run or hide, some dogs shake or cower, some pee and poop, some roll over and shut down, and some dogs become very aggressive or even attack and bite—all out of fear.
  • Resolving Dog Aggression
    Our Resolving Dog Aggression program is presently only available as a board and train program. We have limited program spots available each year and often a waitlist of several month. Reserve your training spot as early as possible. Details below. Living with an aggressive dog is stressful. Never being certain what will happen on your daily walk, potential injuries, vet Continue Reading...
  • Board and Train Obedience
    New dog owner? Too busy to train your dog? We can help! Our comprehensive board and train obedience program teaches your dog all the basics and goes far beyond what pet shops or other companies offer. This is an investment in your dog and you will enjoy the results for years to come.
  • Dog Lecture
    Book one of our engaging and entertaining dog lectures for your next event or function. Ralf is a fun and engaging public speaker.
  • Dog Boarding
    We will temporarily board your dog, while you are on the road and give you peace of mind, that your furry family member is safe. We can board large and even aggressive dogs, no one else will board.
If Your Dog Could Talk
If Your Dog Could Talk helps you understand your dog like never before!
Ralf Weber is a Training without Conflict™ Certified Professional Dog Trainer, a certified, professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP-CDTA) and an AKC evaluator for the Canine Good Citizen and Community Canine certifications.

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