Grace Barber was trained by Ralf and works as a contractor for Happy Dog Training. She is the most passionate animal lover you'll ever meet. Grace has a remarkable connection with all animals— big and small. Her love for animals was shaped from an early age while growing up and working on a farm.

Before her journey with dogs took flight, Grace discovered her love for horses. Working alongside horse training mentors she immersed herself in the behavioral understanding, riding, training, and rehabilitation of horses. Grace helped horses and their young riders build lasting relationships for four years.

Grace had an early start in the dog training industry. As a child, she was inspired by the show "The Dog Whisperer" and what she thought she knew about dogs was completely changed. She began caring for dogs in her youth. Her skill set and knowledge were transformed through years of walking dogs and her clients began requesting training advice, as they noticed their dogs would come home from their walks with noticeably calmer energy. This is when Grace discovered her true calling.

Several years later Grace found herself walking large packs of dogs through her hometown, while now also offering canine behavior adjustment and training services to her ever-expanding client base. People continue to watch her in awe, calmly loading and unloading dog packs from her car at local parks and throughout various neighborhoods in North San Diego county.

Before meeting Ralf, Grace had developed her own successful dog training program, helping hundreds of owners and their dogs. Grace met Ralf through their shared love for dogs and after an initial mentor relationship, Ralf convinced Grace to join Happy Dog Training.

In addition to training dogs, Grace is also a very talented animal and pet portrait artist. Her realistic artwork details the personalities of many of her client's furry companions.

Grace also offers in-home pet sitting, daycare and dog walking services in the greater San Diego area.

You will love working with Grace! Her skills are amazing and her positive energy is contagious.

Grace can be reached here.

Social Responsibility Foundation (Next Level Dogs)
Ralf Weber Dog Trainer Certification
Assault Prevention and Safety for Trainers (Canine Human Relationship Institute)
Ralf Weber Dog Trainer Certification
Certified Dog Trainer (Happy Dog Training)
Ralf Weber Dog Trainer Certification
Advanced Dog Trainer Certification Course 2 (Joel Silverman, Movie Dog Training)
Ralf Weber Dog Trainer Certification

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