Dog Enrichment Toys

Dog Enrichment Toys

Dog enrichment toys help with mental stimulation. These can be interactive, treat-dispensing, puzzles, or engaging in other ways. Dog enrichment toys are a great addition to your dog’s daily routine, especially during crates or downtimes. These are our favorites.

Kongs for Food Stuffing (small to large)

Kong is one of the largest dog toy manufacturers and most of their products are of high quality. These are toys you can stuff with food. The dog will try to get the food stuffing out of the toy. This can be very long lasting. Especially when the Kongs with their stuffing sit in the freezer for a while. Mix your dogs favorite treat, food or special snack. Mash it up, stuff your Kong and freeze it. Your dog will have fun for a while.

Dog Enrichment Toys: Chew Toys

Dogs love and need to chew. These are safe options to help satisfy this genetic need. Of course, antlers and bully sticks are always good too.

Dog Enrichment Toys: Treat Dispensers

Enrichment toys to drop food. The dog has to move and handle these toys to get the treats to drop out.

Puzzle Feeders

Dog Enrichment toys for smart dogs. Puzzles that allow hiding treats. The dogs have to move sliders or parts to access them.

Miscellaneous Toys

Enrichment toys to slow down or mentally enhance the feeding process.

Dog Enrichment Toys: Scent Supplies

Equipment for scent work. Encouraging dogs to use their nose more helps satisfy their need to investigate scents. Scent work builds confidence and has many mental health benefits.

Treats, Food, Toy Stuffers

Treats and foods to stuff dog toys with.