Terms and Conditions


Our fee for in-person consultations is $75 for a 45-60 minute meeting and evaluation of your dog. Consultations are held at a location of our choosing and may require driving. We may schedule the consultation at your home, if we believe that to be the best location for your dog or the evaluation.

Programs and Session Types

Sessions are usually hour long, unless noted otherwise. We offer the following types of sessions, packages and programs:

Regular Session: $150/hour
Session Packages: Prepaid, discounted, flat-rate fee; fixed number of hours.
Programs: Pre-paid, fixed price fee, unlimited hours.
Socializations: Monthly membership fee, recurring, each socialization session is 30 minutes long.
Group Classes: Lifetime Membership, one-time, flat-fee per dog, unlimited retakes, sessions are around 90 minutes.
Virtual Coaching (Dog Training): $125/hour.
Virtual Coaching (Business Consulting): $500/hour (incl. all preparations needed for session); initial virtual consultation free.
Online Courses: varies by course, as listed.
No-Show and Same-Day Cancellations Policy

We understand that things happen but our time is also valuable. Should you not be present (or not arrive for your scheduled appointment), we will still count the missed session towards the purchased hours and subtract one session from your remaining balance. If you are on a pre-paid, flat-rate program, two no-shows or three same-day-cancellations, will lead contract cancellation without refund.

Wait Policy

We will not wait for more than 10 minutes past the agreed-upon meeting time unless we can get in contact with you and make different plans. Sessions that start late will still end as originally scheduled, so if you want to proceed with a late start, you are agreeing to a shorter session that will still be counted in full. The trainer may elect to stay the full session length and finish later but this is at the discretion of the trainer you are working with. Should you elect to not have the session at all, it will be treated as a same-day cancellation as outlined above.

Dispute Resolution

Happy Dog Training and the Client agree to resolve any dispute that may arise between them (including, but not limited to, disputes concerning the interpretation, alleged breach or enforcement of this agreement; Happy Dog Training’s treatment of the Client’s dog(s); any alleged reckless conduct, intentional misconduct, or other tortious or wrongful conduct on the part of either party) through binding arbitration before a single, neutral arbitrator pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association. The arbitrator shall apply the laws of the State of California, without regard to conflict of laws, in any dispute between the parties. If a dispute arises between the parties, each shall have the right to seek all necessary and proper relief, excluding exemplary or consequential damages. Consistent with applicable law and his or her discretion, the arbitrator may award reasonable attorney fees and costs (including fees charged by the arbitrator) to the party prevailing in any arbitration proceeding. Client understands and agrees that he or she is waiving his or her right, if any, to a trial by jury in any dispute with Happy Dog Training.

All sales, contracts, and agreements as well as all content of this website related to Happy Dog Training, LLC, either through this website or in person shall be governed, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of California, without regard to its conflict of laws rules.

No Refunds. All sales are final.