Client Videos

The client videos on this page are from our YouTube Channel. You can see me train many different dogs and watch a wide variety of different things. The client videos showcase my play-based training style. I use Play to guide the dog's genetics towards the training goals. Further, it gives them biological fulfillment to make them happier beings.

Client Videos
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We can debate good dog training all day long but a video says more than a thousand words. The client videos give you a chance to see how I use positive and negative reinforcement to shape behaviors. In addition, you can watch how I use positive and negative punishment to stop behaviors. All, without creating fear, anxiety, undue stress, or apprehension towards me, as too many unskilled dog trainers claim would happen. Our client videos show you how I do things and how happy the dogs in training are, even when they get a penalty here and there. How things are done matters a lot!

Play-Based Training is Science

During the play-based training sessions, I engage the dogs through the six aspects of Play. In short, they are searching, stalking, chasing, fighting, celebrating, and consuming. Every dog prefers some over others and during the training, we figure out how your dog likes to play best. Also, if he is a competitive or cooperative player. In addition. the client videos show how engaged dogs become if we know how to play best with them. Having your dog pay attention to you when it matters, comes from having this kind of relationship.

These training videos showcase the correct application of actual learning science. In case you are interested, take a look at some of the 100+ peer-reviewed and independently validated studies I provide in my article Positive Dog Training. These form the foundation of over one hundred years of learning science. I hope you enjoy the client video training sessions.


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