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On this page, you find our dog product recommendations. These are all products we use and recommend personally and professionally with links on where to purchase them. Some of the links will pay us a referral fee should you end up purchasing that item. This page is updated regularly so it's worth coming back to. If you are looking for nutritional information, you can find that here.


These are our dog product recommendations for leashes, every-day harnesses, and dog collars. We prefer biothane leashes as they are easier to clean. Biothane is also stronger than leather.

Biothane Leash 6-ft
We like biothane leashes because they have a feel close to leather but are water-safe and more bite-resistant. You can throw these in the sink and wash them when they get dirty. They will also survive wet environments like the beach or lake safely; as nice as they are, leather leashes don't do well with moisture. Also, if your dog likes to grab the leash and try to bite through, it will be harder with biothane—not impossible, but harder. Overall biothane is a great material for leashes and other equipment.

Biothane Leash 25-ft
We only use biothane leashes because we drag them over the ground a lot and they get dirty often. The traditional cotton leashes are a nightmare to clean and constantly knot and tangle up. Biothane leashes have a feel close to leather but are water-safe and more bite-resistant. You can throw these in the sink and wash them when they get dirty.
25-ft Leash (thin, 1/2 inch wide, 3/8 thick): Amazon
25-ft Leash (regular, 1/2 inch wide, 5/8 thick): Amazon

Biothane Long Lines
We only use biothane long lines because we drag them over the ground a lot and they get dirty often. The traditional cotton long lines are a nightmare to clean and constantly knot and tangle up. Biothane long lines have a feel close to leather but are water safe and more bite resistant. You can throw these in the sink and wash them when they get dirty.
15-ft Long Line: Amazon
33-ft Long Line: Amazon
10-ft, 18-ft, 50-ft Long Lines: Leerburg
18-ft Long Lines are also available through our trainers during sessions for $45, saving you shipping fees.


The Buddy System
Tethering dogs has many behavioral benefits; it's great for puppies and rescues alike. Tethering helps build a strong relationship and set your dog on the right path. I like these running leashes. You have your hands free while your pup stays attached to you. I suggest these for any dog for an initial training period.

Julius K9 IDC Powerharness
Julius K9 Harnesses are awesome. They are made in Germany, high-quality, durable, can get wet, are very affordable, and a multitude of accessories and replacement patches (i.e. 'In Training' or 'Service Dog') are available. I use these with my service dogs, for restrained recalls, hiking (with pouch accessories), and for car safety. Very versatile. I use the IDC Powerharness size 1 on my 50lb pitbull, size 2 on German Shepherds 70lb-90lb, and size 3 for over 90lb dogs. Also available in small sizes for puppies and I have even seen one for a 3lb Miniature Chihuahua.

Amish Leather Agitation Collar (2 inches) from Leerburg
This is a high-quality, sturdy collar made from latigo leather by the Amish. The craftsmanship is outstanding. These are a bit stiff at first but get soft quickly with regular use. Like all quality leather products. I use this a lot for long-line work and handler awareness drills.
These collars are also available through our trainers during sessions for $50, saving you shipping fees.


These are our dog product recommendations for training treats. Happy Howie's are my number one favorite when working with food. They are moist, don't crumble during eating, are soft, and are of good quality.

Happy Howie Meat Rolls
These are my favorite dog training treats. High quality, dogs love them, don't crumble, made in the US, and actually cheaper than most treats in bags. You do have to cut them so I also recommend getting the cutter. I use these exclusively for training these days.
Beef Roll, 2lb Buy on Amazon
Lamb Roll, 2lb Buy on Amazon
Turkey Roll, 2lb Buy on Amazon

PetSafe Treat Pouch
These treat pouches are one of my favorites, as they have stay-open hinges. They won't collapse on your hands when you are trying to get a treat from the pouch and they are very affordable! These pouches also come with a waistband and a clip, so you can choose which way of keeping it on you works best for you. The multitude of pockets and carabiner give you plenty of space for keys, pop bags, gloves, wipes, and some change if needed. These are all-around good and last quite well.


These are our dog product recommendations for various accessories I found over the years. I am using or have used all products personally.

Cargo Liner by 4Knines
This cargo liner is awesome. We have them in several of our cars. This is not some flimsy, thin liner. 4Knines liners are heavy-duty, waterproof, stay in place, and will last for many years. This liner has saved the inside of my car more than once.

Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair
I have a foster dog named Neko (read his story) who is presently recovering from spinal surgery. He is doing great and we hope to have him fully walking again by summer 2018. What helps with recovery is having him move and drag his hind paws slightly over the ground to stimulate his neurology. His rehabilitation veterinarian recommended this wheelchair model as it is height-adjustable. This is a great wheelchair! Great quality. Sturdy. Easy to set up and it is fairly easy to get Neko in it. I have to lift his hind legs into it but that seems to be the case for all models I looked at. We are very happy with this wheelchair. I received it by donation and whole-heartedly recommend it. It can be adjusted to not have the legs touch the ground at all for lame dogs or just as support for dogs with arthritis or alike; it's very versatile. I recommend investing in the wider belly strap if support is needed/desired (I got it for Neko) and if your dog needs to drag his feet like Neko, get the protective boots they sell as well. It's a worthwhile investment and you can resell it on eBay once you no longer need it.


These are our dog product recommendations for grooming. I prefer organic cleaners and shampoos to keep toxins away from my dogs.

4-Legger Organic Oatmeal Dog Shampoo
I have been using this shampoo for about a year now, as my previous favorite brand was discontinued. This one is equally great! It's all organic and smells very nice. It is mild on my dog's skin and doesn't burn in their eyes. A gives you nice, foamy lather your dogs will love just like mine do.

Vet's Best Ear Relief Wash
This ear wash was recommended to me by a holistic vet and it is wonderful. You can use it as a traditional ear rinse but the best part is you can also leave it in, have your dog shake it out, and skip the wiping out. This wash is designed to be left in and soothe your dog's ears. It's a great preventative for dogs prone to ear infections, a great wash, and a wonderful natural cure for minor irritations that really don't require medication but need attention.

Professional Nail Clipper
Good nail clippers are hard to find these days. Most pet stores sell cheap, flimsy clippers or worse, guillotine clippers or electric rotary files. Anyone, who has ever used those on a larger dog, knows that's a mission doomed from the start. These a great, sturdy clippers. I removed the safety that is supposed to help prevent over-cutting but in reality, is just in the way of holding and using the clippers correctly (all clippers have these useless attachments these days). I cut my dog's nails regularly and these are my favorite.


These are our dog product recommendations for medical emergencies and dog first-aid.

Vetericyn Wound Care
Vetericyn is my favorite first aid product for small injuries and scratches on my dogs. It is a clear, non-sticky, non-burning disinfectant spray that won't make your dogs resent you for using it. It just feels like a spray of water. No burning sensation. This is far better for home care than hydrogen peroxide as it doesn't kill any tissue and doesn't cause the mess betadine does. Aside from the wound spray itself they also have ear washes, hot spot sprays, and other great products. For wound care of any kind, I always check this brand first.


These are our dog product recommendations for readers. These are books every dog owner can benefit from.

Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet: Healthier Dog Food the ABC Way
This book is the foundation of the custom raw dog recipes we are offering. It is a great introduction and overview of raw feeding. It was recommended to us by Keto Pet Sanctuary. One of the books we highly recommend if you want to take charge of your dog's health.

Stop the Shots! Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets?
Most pet owners aren't aware of the dangers in animal vaccinations that have been discovered in recent years. In this compact, easy-to-understand volume, John Clifton explains the very real risks involved every time a dog or cat gets a shot. The major veterinary associations now agree that vaccinations can trigger all sorts of maladies, from allergies to cancer - but most pet caretakers (and many veterinarians, it seems) haven't gotten the word. This is an important book for every pet owner to read. In a conversational, direct, non-technical voice it guides the reader in formulating an intelligent approach to animal vaccinations.


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