Pay Dog Training with Crypto

Pay Dog Training with Crypto

Pay for dog training with crypto! With cryptocurrency, you can now pay for all our dog training programs and virtual lessons. We presently accept Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as crypto payments for dog training. We may add other crypto coins with utility in the future.

Pay Dog Training with Crypto

Happy Dog Training accepts BTC and ETH crypto payments for dog training. However, this does not mean we endorse, encourage or suggest, in any way, that you buy, sell, own, or use cryptocurrencies of any kind. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and speculative assets that could lose all of their value in seconds. We simply offer this payment option to benefit our customers who own cryptocurrency and are interested in using it directly.

Due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies, please contact us before making any crypto payments. We will advise you on how much crypto to send for your dog training program. Quoted crypto prices will typically be valid for one hour unless specified otherwise. All crypto transactions are final, and the buyer (you) pays all gas fees. All of our regular Terms and Conditions apply.

Our Bitcoin (BTC) Address

BTC Bitcoin Address Canine Training Services (SEGWIT)


Pay dog training with BTC crypto. This BTC address is a SEGWIT (not NATIVE SEGWIT) address. This is presently the most commonly used Bitcoin address version. For example, Coinbase uses SEGWIT BTC addresses. This is obvious to the crypto-experienced users based on the address format, but just in case you’re newer to the game, and your system shows a notice on the type of Bitcoin address used for this transaction.

Our Ethereum (ETH) Address

ETH Ethereum Address Canine Training Services (ERC20)


Pay dog training with ETH crypto. This ERC20 wallet address is an Ethereum address. More so, all Ethereum addresses are compatible with storing ERC20. All Ethereum wallets are connected to the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, the ERC20 address will mean an address in the Ethereum platform.

In case you are looking to keep your crypto safe. These are our favorite crypto tools: