We adopted Fergus as an 8 year old pulled from Animal Control by a rescue group. He lived happily in a foster home with other dogs and cats. Imagine our surprise then when, on our first walk with him, we saw another dog being walked and he became a lunging, screaming banshee. The other dog and its human looked scared and walked quickly the other way. People came out of their houses to see if we were okay because Fergus was so loud and crazed.

We tried many things to help him (and us) and they helped…a little. In desperation we turned to Happy Dog Training and Ralf. Ralf instantly saw that Fergus was scared, not aggressive, and helped us learn how to build his confidence through play. He also taught us how to tell Fergus “NO” in a way that he could hear, even in the midst of a freak-out. Now he’s much better on our walks and doesn’t bark whenever anyone dares to walk by our house. Thank you, Ralf, for giving Fergus a better quality of life and for helping us learn how to help him.

Amy & Jerry,

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