When Dogs Attack

Podcast - When Dogs Attack

Podcast Episode 33: When Dogs Attack

In this episode, we discuss dog attacks. We review the risks and frequency of dog attacks on people nationwide. How to take precautions to avoid unnecessary risks, and several self-defense options with a good chance of working.

Not a day goes by without dogs seriously injuring and, in many cases killing people somewhere in the United States. These stories make the local news where they happen but rarely make the national news. People get mauled by stray dogs or dogs that broke out of yards. Small children get killed by family dogs or neighbor dogs. Some people get partially eaten by dogs. Every day there is another horrific story.

These stories horrify anyone who reads or sees them. To me, as professional dog trainer, they have an additional element of sadness. None of these things would have to happen. Of course, some people are just irresponsible dog owners, which can lead to horrific outcomes, but many of these events indicate a deeper problem. Too many people have lost touch with nature. Many years ago, a former client told me his dog wanted to play with a squirrel when he was chasing it. When I told him it was more likely that the dog would have killed the squirrel if he had caught it, the person was in disbelief. The idea of their dog being a predator who enjoys chasing prey was foreign to him. I was speechless. Of course, I know Golden Retrievers who very well may want to play with squirrels without harming them, but that is not the norm.

I am not writing about this to make anyone afraid of their dog. There is no need for that. But I do want to encourage everyone to understand the nature of dogs and learn to live with them in harmony and peace. Dogs are predators and enjoy predatory activities, regardless of breed. That is why play-based training is so powerful. It gives dogs an outlet for their genetic drives and makes them happy, satisfied, and much more fun to live with.

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