Dog Training Reviews

Dog Training Reviews

On this page, you find dog training reviews from our many wonderful clients. All dog training reviews are from real people we worked with. Many will gladly provide references when asked. These client testimonials are a testament to the work and effort we put into helping every dog develop its full potential. We recently also started collecting client testimonials on Google. You can find them here.

My clients have written me many five-star reviews over the years. I think the breadth of these speaks for themself. These dog training reviews cover a broad range of dog training areas. They include basic and advanced obedience training, helping fearful dogs gain more confidence, getting aggressive behaviors under control, training for GRC Dog Sports, shadow programs, and many other behavioral areas.

Does a dog training review with any particular client dog resonate with you? Does a case sound similar to what is going on with your dog? I love helping people whenever possible and often can make progress where others failed. I have and continue to spend a significant amount of time and money every year to further my canine knowledge. My clients benefit.

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I met Ralf almost 7 years ago when I needed help with my Great Dane Runa. She was very fearful and difficult on a leash. He was patient, and although we could only go so far, in the end, she walked perfectly on a leash and I never had to worry about her. When I lost her to cancer, it was only a matter of time when I called him again...this time with a Great Dane mix puppy! Having his amazing expertise got Barclay off to an amazing start. Barclay is turning into the perfect little gentleman, all thanks to the wonderful training Ralf provided. I would recommend Happy Dog Training to anyone, whether for a problem or just to bring out all the good qualities within your doggie. Thank You, Ralf!

Georgia L.,

It’s been over two years since you worked with Willow and I, and I’m happy to report that we’re doing amazing! The once insecure and anxious dog now enjoys a life full of adventure.

The tools you taught me have forever changed how I work with dogs. With those tools and the help of Willow, I’m working with my first foster.

Angela A.,

My puppy was with Ralf for 2 months awaiting approval to travel . When he joined me he was not only trained, he was a very happy dog. This business is aptly named. Ralf is knowledgeable, kind, and patient. His techniques produced a well adjusted, good mannered, playful dog. I highly recommend Happy Dog Training and Ralf!

Robin B.,

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