Dog Training Reviews

Dog Training Reviews

On this page, you find dog training reviews from our many wonderful clients. All dog training reviews are from real people we worked with. Many will gladly provide references when asked. These client testimonials are a testament to the work and effort we put into helping every dog develop its full potential. We recently also started collecting client testimonials on Google. You can find them here.

My clients have written me many five-star reviews over the years. I think the breadth of these speaks for themself. These dog training reviews cover a broad range of dog training areas. They include basic and advanced obedience training, helping fearful dogs gain more confidence, getting aggressive behaviors under control, training for GRC Dog Sports, shadow programs, and many other behavioral areas.

Does a dog training review with any particular client dog resonate with you? Does a case sound similar to what is going on with your dog? I love helping people whenever possible and often can make progress where others failed. I have and continue to spend a significant amount of time and money every year to further my canine knowledge. My clients benefit.

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I have always had a dog and every dog I've had has been raised from a puppy. When my last dog Axel passed it took me about a year to consider filling the void. To this day all of my dogs are such a vivid imprint in my heart and mind. A testimony to the relationship you can build with an animal. Mike and I were ready but this time we decided to adopt.

We felt a strong need to rescue a dog and we visited the shelter a couple of times without really finding a fit. So I set out on an internet search. We didn't really have any specific breed mix in mind I was just worried about being able to carry my dog if needed so i was aiming for 40 lbs or less. As Axel got closer to her last days we were getting up with her in the middle of the night and carrying her up and down the stairs. She had always slept by my bed and she wasn’t about to change that no sir she was bound and determined to get up those steps! Stairs had always been a part of her life so I was her personal elevator. She weighed every bit of 65 lbs with a barrel chest so you can understand my desire for a smaller dog. After weeks of searching I found some good candidates. Baxter was a cute pup past the puppy age but what a handsome boy! We liked the idea that he was with a foster home so we could get a lot better feel on his habits and personality. So correspondence began we almost missed getting him another couple had taken him home for a test run but he is a Boxer/Staffy mix and not allowed in their apartment complex. We had a video conference first then off to meet him. He was just as cute in person and was very well mannered in the house, knew basic commands and house trained.

Now for the challenges: Spencer focuses in on moving cars when out for a walk and wants to chase them, and he still needed work walking on the leash, this boy has a lot of energy. He got along great with his 2 larger housemates and had been around a small child around age 7. Hey remember I have been round dogs all my life I thought these would be easy to overcome. When we got him home we made it a point to have a few days off to acclimate him to his new environment. Our daughter's dog is named Dexter and much too close to Baxter so a name change was in order and Spencer it was.

So far so good! He is really fitting in - except...the walk, we went through a choke chain, a Murphy collar and ended up with a harness. As it turned out Spencer didn't really care too much for some other dogs walking with their owners and he did like cars day or night he just wanted to go after it - not chase it but acted like he wanted to attack it. I think his reaction was to lash out when he didn’t care for something like the size and noise of the car.

I needed help the things that worked for prior puppies was not working for Spencer and my shoulders were so tight after our nightly walks from his constant pulling, my level of irritation was starting to grow. On top of that we have a 1 year old granddaughter and while Spencer has never touched her he did appear to just be shy of giving her a correction and we were concerned, So I started searching first with referrals A highly recommended referral told me I had a bad dog and I should put him down. Heartbroken I reached out to his foster parent and told him I might need to give him back - he had offered to take him if for some reason things didn’t work out, he encouraged me to keep looking.

I found another trainer but they recommend I leave Spencer there, I had taken him with me, but I got the distinct feeling Spencer was uncomfortable so we left and then I found Ralf through ThumbTack! He came to the house for a mutual interview and he made sense with everything he said. He was very educational, explaining the behavioral aspect, why, and how to overcome. We decided he was the right one for all of us. Ralf has helped us soo much! Showing us the correct tools (proper training collar, better leash, reading material) working with us through routine sessions.

We were seeing results almost immediately. The focusing in on, and bolting for moving cars ceased within a couple of weeks.Spencer still wants to pull a little but he is no longer dragging me down the sidewalk. He lets me go first out the door (this happened after the first training session and 3rd attempt). His anxiety level has dropped significantly. Every once in a while we run into a dog with high energy and we go back to some basic steps but the amount of time it takes for him to calm down has improved 10 fold.

Even our family that stayed with us 6 months ago, recently made a return visit and commented on his improvement. All three of the kids were competing for his attention and Spencer was loving every minute! He’s a wonderful dog and great addition to our family and thanks to Ralf we are all loving life!

Julia K.,

Let me start by saying Ralf saved our dogs life! Our search for a behaviorist began after the vet told us we should euthanize our dog, Hama. He was a "pack leader" and pretty aggressive. After an evaluation, Ralf decided it was best Hama stay with him for a few weeks so he could work with him consistently every day. Hama is a 68lb husky and made Ralf earn every penny ... and even though Hama put Ralf through a lot, Ralf was still amazing, kind, and gentle with Hama. He spoke so highly of our dog which made us feel at ease.

Six weeks later, Hama was ready to come home. Once Hama returned, Ralf continued to come once a week to work with us ... it was so much fun to watch Ralf & Hama see each other weekly....we couldn't tell who was more excited!

Since being with Ralf, returning, and graduating, Hama is a completely different dog. He is not aggressive, can walk on a leash, cuddles with us on the couch, and is so loving! We are still I'm contact with Ralf and are so thankful to have found him.

Laura H.,

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