Dog Training Reviews

Dog Training Reviews

On this page, you find dog training reviews from our many wonderful clients. All dog training reviews are from real people we worked with. Many will gladly provide references when asked. These client testimonials are a testament to the work and effort we put into helping every dog develop its full potential. We recently also started collecting client testimonials on Google. You can find them here.

My clients have written me many five-star reviews over the years. I think the breadth of these speaks for themself. These dog training reviews cover a broad range of dog training areas. They include basic and advanced obedience training, helping fearful dogs gain more confidence, getting aggressive behaviors under control, training for GRC Dog Sports, shadow programs, and many other behavioral areas.

Does a dog training review with any particular client dog resonate with you? Does a case sound similar to what is going on with your dog? I love helping people whenever possible and often can make progress where others failed. I have and continue to spend a significant amount of time and money every year to further my canine knowledge. My clients benefit.

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My puppy was with Ralf for 2 months awaiting approval to travel . When he joined me he was not only trained, he was a very happy dog. This business is aptly named. Ralf is knowledgeable, kind, and patient. His techniques produced a well adjusted, good mannered, playful dog. I highly recommend Happy Dog Training and Ralf!

Robin B.,

Rukus is a an amazing dog> The training he had at Happy Dog Training was life changing for the better. He is so loving and he listens so well. We can’t say enough about Ralf and the magic he has on our animal. Our Rukus is wonderful. He was good before but he is great now. Thank you Ralf!

John & Isa,

Ralf truly worked wonders on our Malinois puppy, Zeus. He was only 10 weeks old when we took him to Happy Dog Training for 2 months of boarding and Training. Let me tell you that it was worth every penny. The puppy we dropped off and the puppy we picked up are two different dogs.

We had struggled with Zeus nipping at our girls and were fearful we would have to get rid of him. He really discovered what made Zeus tick and developed a way to redirect his energy. Ralf communicated with us well during the two months, sending videos and pictures. Upon pick up he gave us written instructions to help with his adjustment back to us. The piece of mind to be able to contact Ralf if we have any issues in the future is an added benefit. Highly recommended!

Jessie G.,

My husband and I had rescued a pit bull puppy that had been abandoned. She had absolutely no human interaction. She never had been on a leash nor had a dog collar on ever. Her name is Coco. We did not know what to do with her. We were not going to allow her to go to the dog pound. They would instantly euthanize her because of her out-of-control behavior. I was recommended to Happy Dog Training by my sister who has had numerous dogs trained by Ralf. We sent the sweet little puppy pit bull Coco to Happy Dog Training for a three-month training program.

Unfortunately during the training, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the USA. As a result, Ralf had to keep her for a few more weeks due to COVID. During her stay and training session for those months, she was like a whole new dog. He did miracles for this dog. When we first rescued this puppy pit bull, we did not think she would have a chance. The behavioral issue seemed like there was no chance. She had such bad abandonment issues, to where she would jump out of control and fight other dogs. When we would try to take her on a walk, she would just rip us down the street.

During her four-month stay with Ralf, she became a completely new dog. She stopped jumping like a crazy dog. Now, she walks on a leash without ripping you down the street. She now obeys all commands. As I said, I thought there was no hope for this dog. If anybody reads this post and you have a dog that has any kind of behavioral issues do not give up, take the dog to Happy Dog Training. Ralf is the dog whisperer to me and our family. He treated our dog so wonderful. He is a very knowledgeable, professional, dog trainer. When the time comes for us to get another dog, we will for sure be taking the new dog to Ralf as well. I definitely will give Happy Dog Training 10 stars.

Kara H.,

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