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Dog Training Reviews

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On this page, you will find dog training reviews from our many wonderful clients. All client reviews are from real people we worked with. Many will gladly provide references when asked. These client testimonials are a testament to the work and effort we put into helping every dog develop its full potential. We recently also started collecting dog training reviews on Google. You can find them on our Google My Business Profile.

From 2012-2017, we also connected with clients through Thumbtack. You can read 46 more reviews on Thumbtack. Some were cross-posted on our website.

Our Dog Training Reviews Cover Many Areas

My clients have written me many five-star reviews over the years. I think the breadth of these speaks for itself. These testimonials cover a broad range of dog training areas. They include basic and advanced obedience training, helping fearful dogs gain more confidence, getting aggressive behaviors under control, training for GRC Dog Sports, shadow programs, and many other behavioral areas.

Does a dog training review with any particular client dog resonate with you? Does a case sound similar to what is going on with your dog? I love helping people whenever possible and often can make progress where others fail. I have and continue to spend a significant amount of time and money every year to further my canine knowledge. My clients benefit.

If you are ready to get help with your own dog(s), please use our dog training contact form to schedule a free phone consultation.

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Ralf is great. My french bulldog rescue has some pretty deep-rooted dog aggression issues specific to other animals. With people, however, it is a completely different story; he is a total love. So, we have a little Jekyll and Hyde situation going on. Ralf has a great understanding of this type of behavior and has quickly placed himself in a position of respect with my dog. Ralf is also quite accommodating because he travels to his clients … this is a plus. But more importantly, such travel allows Ralf to work with my dog in areas where aggression triggers are continuously present. I would recommend Ralf to anyone who is looking for help with doggy behavioral issues.

— Christina C.


Merlin, a border-collie, loves to swim. He was born and raised in Seattle. Merlin grew up chasing frisbees and balls in Lake Washington. He could play in the water for hours and never get tired. We moved from Seattle to California and were excited that we moved into a house with a pool. We thought that Merlin could continue spending hours in the water with his toys.

To our shock, our water-loving dog was terrified of the pool. Merlin would not go near the pool. He circled widely around the pool when in the backyard and hid in the bushes at the first sight of us in our swimsuits. We asked Ralf to help us with this issue. Ralf modeled for us how to slowly and consistently expose Merlin to the pool. As opposed to carrying him into the pool, which we were doing. We spent the first week just walking Merlin calmly and assertively around the pool, reinforcing that the pool was not scary. Over time, we slowly started walking Merlin into the pool. After two weeks, Merlin was successfully swimming in the pool with reckless abandon.

Ralf demonstrated a mastery of dog psychology and taught us specific techniques to address various dog behavior problems. And we learned how we humans contribute to the problem. We feel such gratitude for Ralf and his support. We recommend anyone to contact Ralf if they are experiencing any type of issue with their dog with the highest regard. Thank you, Ralf!

— Molly and Simon T.


We got Arthur from the Seattle Humane Society. He came with notes on his file that we would be his fourth home and that he was aggressive towards men. Despite the warnings, we wanted to help this poor pup out, and he played very well with our dog. Over the next year, despite hundreds of dollars spent on trainers, books, and classes, the problems got worse. His scary and unmanageable behaviors increased over time, including growling at men, lunging at cars and bikes on walks, and attacking other dogs.

Additionally, Arthur bit several members of our family. We moved from Seattle to California last year and were at our wit’s end. We were so desperate and afraid of what Arthur would do next that we started calling shelters in our new area to try and find another home. All of the shelters advised us that the best thing we could do was put Arthur down due to his aggressive behaviors. Happy Dog Training was our last resource, and my wife and I agree that Ralf saved Arthur’s life.

Ralf Saved Arthur’s Life

Ralf wasn’t the first trainer we met to help Arthur, but he was the best. The first and best thing Ralf gave us was hope. He told us during our first session that there was hope, that our snarling scary beast was a friendly, scared, and cute dog that just needed consistent, firm leadership. Ralf didn’t just give us the usual “tips and treats” like the other trainers did, telling us that “he’s never going to be a cocktail dog” or, my favorite, “he’s a real dog’s dog.” Instead, Ralf taught us a philosophy of dog leadership and specific techniques we could use and live with. As our skills and confidence grew as pack leaders, the frequency of Arthur’s “bad” behaviors rapidly decreased.

Arthur no longer growls at men and doesn’t lunge at bikes and other dogs on his numerous walks throughout the day. Now, he wags his tail when he meets new people! Arthur no longer lunges at me when I get up in the middle of the night, and we are no longer afraid that he will bite someone. Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation we have for Ralf, his patience and knowledge, and all that he has taught us. We are now more confident, consistent, and hopeful dog owners and look forward to enjoying the rest of Arthur’s long life together as a family. Thank you, Ralf!

— Simon and Molly T.


I attended one of Ralf’s Dog Walking 101 classes. My 18-month-old female Pit Bull is obedience trained but still has a problem wanting to walk a little bit ahead of me. As soon as Ralf took the leash, she walked perfectly! He demonstrated to me the right way to hold the leash and the right way to correct it. Ralf also explained dog psychology in a way that made sense and was easy to understand. He respects the dogs and their owners.

I took my Pitty for a walk this morning … OMG! It was magic. I kept her leash much shorter, and not to say I didn’t have to correct her, but so much less, and she responded immediately. I quit being so paranoid about the fact that she wasn’t exactly where she was supposed to be according to AKC standards for obedience shows and allowed her front legs (shoulder) to be even with my legs with her head a little in front of me. Some professionals say that is a no-no. Well, it worked fine, and I was very happy with it. Sometimes she would even drop back a little on her own, which Ralf told me she would eventually do. I sure didn’t expect it less than 24 hours later!

People Noticed the Change

Sometimes, when we walk, a few people will comment on how pretty she is. This morning a man on a bicycle said, “She is a very pretty dog.” Another man walking said, “What a nice dog.” Another man on a bicycle looked back at us and said, “She is very smooth.”. I didn’t catch the rest of it cause, looking back at us, he went a little to the left and almost into the path of a bus! I had to yell at him to watch out. The whole point of this is my one lesson with Ralf last nite was amazing and made my walk with my Pitty today the BEST I have ever had with her.

I intend to go further with my dog’s training, and when she and I are ready for that, I will be calling Ralf to get started. Thank you, Ralf !!!

— Ellie D.


Services and Area

We are located in Southern California and train dogs nationwide. Happy Dog Training currently offers local dog training services in the following counties. Riverside County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, and San Diego County. In addition, we offer our board-and-train program nationwide and all virtual training services worldwide.

Do you want your new puppy trained right from the start? Are you looking for help for your fearful dog? Do you need to resolve a severe aggression problem? You came to the right place! We are experienced, professional dog trainers. Ralf has trained over 1500 dogs in over 18 years, and Sarah has trained over 1200 dogs in over 11 years. Consequently, we can help you with any dog training goal.

What We Offer

For many of our clients, we train their dogs from puppyhood, getting them off to a great start. However, we also have extensive experience training rescue dogs from all imaginable backgrounds and circumstances. Our Board-and-Train program is our most popular.

We can help you, regardless of your dog's challenges or training goals. Being a professional dog trainer means having experience, knowledge, and skill. Further, we developed a highly effective training program to specifically help fearful dogs gain more confidence and become the best possible version of themselves. Building Confidence is our second most popular training program.

Last but not least, we are experts in dealing with all types of aggression in dogs and are often the trainers of last resort after many other programs have failed. Most of our aggressive dog clients previously spent significant money on half-baked solutions without much improvement. This is different from us. We will give you an honest assessment of what goals are realistic for your dog. We will tell you what can be resolved reliably and what likely needs to be managed before we start.

Our flagship product is our board and train program. But our virtual dog training and coaching services have become quite popular over the last couple of years. Our setup enables us to deliver online dog training services from our indoor and outdoor training areas. This allows us to help clients worldwide.

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Also, check out our Free Dog Training tips on Separation Anxiety in Dogs, Potty Training aka Housebreaking, and Leash Handling for expert solutions to common challenges.

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About Ralf and Sarah

Happy Dog Training is the pet dog training business of Ralf Weber and Sarah Gill. We are certified professional dog trainers in Southern California. We are specialized in advanced obedience training, all forms or behavioral challenges and service dog training. For behavioral training, we are known for our work with aggressive and fearful dogs. Our service dogs, through Total K9 Focus, have a nationwide reputation for their reliability, longevity and performance.


Certified Professional Dog Trainer Ralf Weber is lead pet dog trainer of Happy Dog Training. Ralf is a long-time dog owner of German Shepherds. During his career, Ralf has worked with over a 1500 dogs of many different breeds. Moreover, Ralf has a thorough understanding of all aspects of canine training. This includes evolutionary psychology, ethology, and, most importantly, learning science. Ralf is specialized in resolving dog behavior challenges—especially fear and aggression. Apart from this, Ralf trains dogs in basic and advanced obedience, service dog tasks, and GRC Dog Sports. Ralf is further certified in a broad range of other canine training areas. Last but not least, Ralf is the author of the behavioral book If Your Dog Could Talk: Understand Your Dog Like Never Before.

Ralf loves helping people have a better relationship with their dogs. He is a certified professional dog trainer in the Training without Conflict™ methodology by Ivan Balabanov (TWC CPDT). Ralf is also a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and also holds their basic and advanced dog trainer certifications (IACP CDT, CDTA). In addition, Ralf is an AKC-approved evaluator for the AKC Puppy Star, CGC, and Advanced CGC programs and is also certified in canine first aid by the Red Cross.

Sarah Gill, Certified Professional Master Trainer

Sarah Gill, is a professional service dog trainer and handler. Sarah entered the world of professional service dog training after a car accident. As a result, she had to use a wheelchair for almost two years, trying to maneuver in a house not designed for it. No one expected Sarah would walk again. This opened her eyes and became a driving force behind pushing herself to defy the odds. When she regained some stability, Sarah attended a dog training school and learned how to train service dogs. Sarah completed her Master Trainer Certification and gained further experience by training new trainers. However, the school wasn’t accommodating to those with physical difficulties and PTSD. Hence, Sarah moved home to Dallas. In 2019, Sarah teamed up with Ralf and moved to California.

Sarah started this journey because she had a trained dog to mitigate her disabilities. But Sarah needed additional tasking for a new diagnosis. The only option she could find was getting a second dog for the new diagnosis. She knew there had to be a different way to address this. Sarah's passion is changing the ways of the service dog training industry.