Treating Whipworms in Dogs Naturally

Treating Whipworms in Dogs Naturally

I want to share a personal story of using Noni Fruit Leather for treating whipworms and other parasites in my dogs.

I have never used Heartguard or similar chemicals. Noni Fruit Leather from Hawaiian Organic Noni has been a life and money saver for me. One of my German Shepherds must have eaten a rat or mouse in the yard—vet assumption—as he suddenly had acute diarrhea with blood in his stool. I took a stool sample and went to my vet for an exam, and the analysis showed that he had no parasites of any kind—diarrhea and blood cleared up on its own in a few days. It was one bad poop incident that started improving right away with each subsequent stool—meaning a lot less blood.

Given the otherwise regular behavior and instant improvement, my vet recommended a wait-and-see approach before spending lots of money on meds. I just added some organic pumpkin puree to firm the stool and provide additional vitamin K—a natural countermeasure to any rat poison that might have come with the rodent. But the key here is that the daily use of Noni Fruit Leather prevented the otherwise certain parasite infestation in this case. It gets even better.

The Reason For Treating Whipworms in Dogs

I have a 3rd rescue dog named Max (pictured above), who came from the shelter with a whipworm infestation. He had no symptoms when I rescued him. Not even the regular dewormers kill whipworms—you need a special dewormer—these are nasty parasites. The other problem with whipworms is that they are hard to kill. They can survive in the soil for up to seven years. So even with clearing them out of my dog, I could expect him to re-infest himself by walking over the soil and licking his paws later. What added to the challenge was that I had three dogs and needed to prevent all of them from getting sick.

What I did

I had all my dogs on regular doses of Noni Fruit Leather, but that was not high enough to kill the whipworms in Max. His diagnosis was off the charts in the stool sample—at the maximum on the measurement scale. He also needed a special dewormer to deal with them—these are $100 a pop. However, I couldn’t be more thrilled that Noni Fruit Leather has protected my other two dogs from contracting it, which the vet had told me was pretty much inevitable. Both other dogs remained symptom-free. For the time being, I put all of them on a double dosage of 1-square-inches of Noni Fruit Leather twice a day while treating the whipworms of my dog Max. I never say symptoms in my other two dogs at all.

Six weeks after the first whipworm treatment—plus the double Noni Fruit Leather dosage—I took stool samples from all three dogs. The results showed that my other two dogs remained free of infestation. Further, Max was 100% free of whipworms after only one treatment. The vet was very surprised as, normally, three treatments are required—especially in such an off-the-charts infestation. Now that all my dogs are healthy and Max is finally free of whipworms, I switched them back to the regular Noni Fruit Leather regiment of 1-square-inches per dog per day, and they are doing great.

How Treating Whipworms in Dogs Turned Out

In summary, Noni Fruit Leather spared me dealing with two sick dogs, which would have been an additional $600 on unique dewormer treatments. It helped Max get well faster, saving me an additional $200 in unique dewormer treatments. And spares me from buying the special monthly whipworm preventative, which would be about $300 per month for my three dogs for the rest of their lives. Noni Fruit Leather is saving me thousands of dollars and my dogs much pain and suffering.

Update (12 years later): Thanks to Noni Fruit Leather, treating whipworms in my dogs turned out well. No dog ever contracted another whipworm infection at my home.

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