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Dog Training Tags

This page contains links to all dog training tags at Happy Dog Training. If you are looking for service dog training resources, please visit the resource page of our Service Dog Business Total K9 Focus

Dog Training Resources

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Dog Training Tags

Dog Training Tags: A – C

A Dogs Christmas Story |  A Dogs Purpose |  Acana Dog Food |  Acana Meadowland |  Acana Meadowland Dog Food |  Accidental Swallowing |  Accidental Swallowing Dog |  Acetaminophen |  Acetylsalicylic Acid |  Acute Renal Failure |  Adlerhorst |  Adoption |  Adventure Bars |  Advil |  Aggression |  Aha |  Alcohol |  Aleve |  Allerest |  Allergy Shot |  American Humane Association |  American Journey |  American Journey Adventure Bars |  Anacin 3 |  Anaprox |  Animal Rescue |  Animal Shelter |  Animal Welfare |  Anti Anxiety Medication |  Anxiety In Dogs |  Apranax |  Aspirin |  Ataxia |  Avocado |  Bad Dog Breath |  Becoming A Dog Trainer |  Behavior |  Behavioral Trainer |  Behaviorist |  Benadryl |  Biological Fulfillment |  Birds And Animals Unlimited |  Boarding |  Booster Shot |  Bordatella |  Breed Nutrition |  Breed Specific Gsd Food |  Breed Specific Raw Food |  Bruce Cameron |  Build Your Dog Up |  Caffeine |  Canine Enrichment |  Canine First Aid |  Canine First Aid Bag |  Canine Poison |  Canine Toxicity |  Canine Toxin |  Canine Vaccines |  Canis Familiaris |  Canis Lupus |  Care |  Celebrating |  Cesar Millan Backpack |  Charging The Mark |  Chasing |  Chocolate |  Chocolate And Dogs |  Choke Chain |  Choke Collars |  Christmas Tale |  Clarity |  Clarity In Dog Training |  Clarity In Training |  Classic Conditioning |  Clear Communication |  Clear Dog Training |  Clive D L Wynne |  Clive Wynne |  Cns Depression |  Coffee |  Cognitive Canine Enrichment |  Comtrex |  Conditioning Markers |  Consuming |  Corona Virus |  Correction Based Training |  Creating Engagement |  Cymbalta

Dog Training Tags: D

Daycare |  Dayquil |  Dental Health Dog |  Desires |  Distemper |  Dog |  Dog Back Pack |  Dog Backpack |  Dog Behavior |  Dog Behaviorist |  Dog Biscuit |  Dog Boarding |  Dog Carbohydrates |  Dog Care |  Dog Carrying Weight |  Dog Christmas Story |  Dog Christmas Tale |  Dog Collar |  Dog Collars |  Dog Cookie |  Dog Cookies |  Dog Daycare |  Dog Dental Health |  Dog Ear |  Dog Electrolytes And Minerals |  Dog Feeding |  Dog Fever |  Dog Fighting |  Dog Fights |  Dog First Aid |  Dog First Aid Bag |  Dog First Aid Kit |  Dog First Air |  Dog Fish Oil |  Dog Food |  Dog Gum Disease |  Dog Health |  Dog Humor |  Dog Jokes |  Dog Killed Sqirrel |  Dog Looking Confused |  Dog Misbehavior |  Dog Nutrition |  Dog Park |  Dog Park Rules |  Dog Park Safety |  Dog Paw Protection |  Dog Play Training |  Dog Poisons |  Dog Protein |  Dog Rescue |  Dog Safety |  Dog Toxicity |  Dog Toxins |  Dog Trainer |  Dog Trainer Certification |  Dog Trainer Certifications |  Dog Trainer License |  Dog Trainer Licensing |  Dog Trainer School |  Dog Training |  Dog Training Methods |  Dog Training Science |  Dog Vet |  Dog Vitamins |  Dog Walking |  Dog Welfare |  Dog Well-Being |  Dogs |  Dogs And Rattlesnakes |  Dogs Summer |  Domestication |  Dominance |  Dominance Training |  Doug Lisle |  Drives |  Duloxetine

Dog Training Tags: E – G

E Collar |  E Collar Training |  E Collars |  Effexor |  Electric Collars |  Elevated Heart Rate |  Emotional Systems |  Emotions |  Engagement |  Ethology |  Euthanasia |  Euthanize |  Euthanize Dog |  Excedrin |  Fear |  Fear And Anxiety In Dogs |  Fear In Dogs |  Fever In Dogs |  Fighting |  First Aid |  Flat Collar |  Food Aggression |  Food Aggression In Dogs |  Frustration |  Fulfillment |  Gameness |  Garlic |  Garlic And Dogs |  Gavin Polone |  Genetics |  Gentle Leader |  German Shepherd |  German Shepherd Dog |  Grapes |  Grapes And Dogs |  Gsd

Dog Training Tags: H – O

Halti |  Harness |  Head Collar |  Hemolytic Anemia |  Hire A Dog Trainer |  Hire Dog Trainer |  Hiring A Dog Trainer |  History Of Dog |  Housebreaking |  Housetraining |  How To Rescue A Dog |  Humane End Of Suffering |  Hunting |  Hyperthermia |  Hypothermia |  Ibuprofen |  Identifying Rattlesnakes |  Idiosyncratic Reaction |  Illusion Collar |  Impulse Control |  Ivan Balabanov |  Jaak Pankseep |  Jen Howk |  John E R Staddon |  John Staddon |  Kohler Method |  Layered Stress |  Layered Stress Model |  Layers Of Stress |  Leash Reactive |  Leash Reactivity |  Leash Aggression |  Leash Aggressive |  Leash Pulling |  Lethargy |  Loose Leash Walking |  Lust |  Macadamia Nuts |  Mark Plonsky |  Marker Training |  Martingale Collar |  Meadowland Dog Food |  Mental Stimulation |  Mercy Killing |  Metabolic Acidosis |  Metabolic Disruption |  Mirror Training |  Motivational Training |  Motrin |  Muscle Tremors |  Mushers Secret |  Naprelan |  Naprosyn |  Naproxen |  Natural Cure |  Negative Punishment |  Negative Reinforcement |  Nephrotoxic Mycotoxin |  Neuter |  Neutering |  Noni |  Noni Fruit Leather |  Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Pet |  Nordic Naturals Pet |  Nutrition For Working And Service Dogs |  Nutritional Enrichment |  Nuts |  Nyquil |  Obedience |  Obedience Trainer |  Occupational Canine Enrichment |  Omega 3 Pet |  Onion |  Onions |  Operant Conditioning |  Ovarian Sparing Spay

Dog Training Tags: P – R

Pack Leader Collar |  Painless Death |  Pancreatitis |  Panic |  Pankseep |  Parasite Prevention |  Parvo |  Parvo Virus |  Personality |  Pet Vaccinations |  Physical Canine Enrichment |  Pill Pockets |  Pit |  Pit Bull |  Pit Bulls |  Pit Dog |  Pitbull |  Pitbulls |  Pitdog |  Pits |  Play |  Play As The Way |  Play Is The Way |  Play Training |  Play Based Training |  Positive First |  Positive Punishment |  Positive Reinforcement |  Potty Training |  Predatory Hunting |  Prong Collar |  Prong Collars |  Put Down |  Put To Sleep |  Putting To Sleep |  Quadrant |  Rabbies |  Rage |  Ragfe |  Raisins |  Raisins And Dogs |  Rattlesnake |  Rattlesnake Avoidance |  Rattlesnake Avoidance Training For Dogs |  Rattlesnake Awareness |  Rattlesnake Bite Advice |  Rattlesnake Season |  Rattlesnake Training |  Rattlesnake Vaccine |  Rattlesnakes |  Rattlesnakes And Dogs |  Rattlesnakes Aversion |  Rattlesnakes Avoidance |  Rattlesnakes Preparedness |  Raw Feeding |  Reactions |  Reactivity |  Regular Collar |  Relationship Based Training |  Resource Guarding |  Resource Guarding In Dogs |  Retractable Leash |  Rewards Events |  Rewards Based Training |  Ruff Wear

Dog Training Tags: S – Z

Salicylate |  Saying Goodbye |  Science-Based Dog Training |  Scientific Training |  Searching |  Seeking |  Sensory Canine Enrichment |  Separation Anxiety |  Separation Anxiety In Dogs |  Shepherd Nutrition |  Sineaid |  Sineoff |  Skills |  Snake Aversion Training |  Social Canine Enrichment |  Socialization |  Spay |  Spaying |  Squirrel |  Stalking |  Sterilization |  Stress |  Stress In Dogs |  Stress Layers |  Stressors |  Structure |  Submission |  Summer Safety |  Sylvester |  Taking Your Dog To The Vet |  The Dog |  The Layered Stress Model |  The Quadrant |  The Truth About Pitbulls |  The Wolf |  Thiosulphate |  Tick And Flea Control |  Tmz Video A Dogs Purpose |  Tomato |  Tomatoes |  Toxicosis In Dogs |  Training |  Training For Food Aggression |  Training For Resource Guarding |  Training Methods |  Training Through Play |  Treating Whipworms |  Treating Whipworms In Dogs |  Training Without Conflict |  Tremors |  Twc |  Tylenol |  Understanding Dogs |  Understanding Leash Reactivity |  Vaccination |  Vanquish |  Vasectomy |  Venlafaxine Hydrochloride |  Vet Prep |  Vet Visits |  Veterinarians |  Veterinary Care |  Vomiting |  W Bruce Cameron |  Water For Dog On Hike |  Water Rover |  What Foods Are Toxic To Dogs |  Whipworms |  Whipworms In Dogs |  Worm Prevention |  Xylitol |  Yeast Infection

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Services and Area

We are located in Southern California and train dogs nationwide. Happy Dog Training currently offers local dog training services in the following counties. Riverside County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, and San Diego County. In addition, we offer our board-and-train program nationwide and all virtual training services worldwide.

Do you want your new puppy trained right from the start? Are you looking for help for your fearful dog? Do you need to resolve a severe aggression problem? You came to the right place! We are experienced, professional dog trainers. Ralf has trained over 1500 dogs in over 18 years, and Sarah has trained over 1200 dogs in over 11 years. Consequently, we can help you with any dog training goal.

What We Offer

For many of our clients, we train their dogs from puppyhood, getting them off to a great start. However, we also have extensive experience training rescue dogs from all imaginable backgrounds and circumstances. Our Board-and-Train program is our most popular.

We can help you, regardless of your dog's challenges or training goals. Being a professional dog trainer means having experience, knowledge, and skill. Further, we developed a highly effective training program to specifically help fearful dogs gain more confidence and become the best possible version of themselves. Building Confidence is our second most popular training program.

Last but not least, we are experts in dealing with all types of aggression in dogs and are often the trainers of last resort after many other programs have failed. Most of our aggressive dog clients previously spent significant money on half-baked solutions without much improvement. This is different from us. We will give you an honest assessment of what goals are realistic for your dog. We will tell you what can be resolved reliably and what likely needs to be managed before we start.

Our flagship product is our board and train program. But our virtual dog training and coaching services have become quite popular over the last couple of years. Our setup enables us to deliver online dog training services from our indoor and outdoor training areas. This allows us to help clients worldwide.

Other Resources

Also, check out our Free Dog Training tips on Separation Anxiety in Dogs, Potty Training aka Housebreaking, and Leash Handling for expert solutions to common challenges.

Additional Services: Presentations and Q&As on Dogs | Professional Service Dog Training

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About Ralf and Sarah

Happy Dog Training is the pet dog training business of Ralf Weber and Sarah Gill. We are certified professional dog trainers in Southern California. We are specialized in advanced obedience training, all forms or behavioral challenges and service dog training. For behavioral training, we are known for our work with aggressive and fearful dogs. Our service dogs, through Total K9 Focus, have a nationwide reputation for their reliability, longevity and performance.


Certified Professional Dog Trainer Ralf Weber is lead pet dog trainer of Happy Dog Training. Ralf is a long-time dog owner of German Shepherds. During his career, Ralf has worked with over a 1500 dogs of many different breeds. Moreover, Ralf has a thorough understanding of all aspects of canine training. This includes evolutionary psychology, ethology, and, most importantly, learning science. Ralf is specialized in resolving dog behavior challenges—especially fear and aggression. Apart from this, Ralf trains dogs in basic and advanced obedience, service dog tasks, and GRC Dog Sports. Ralf is further certified in a broad range of other canine training areas. Last but not least, Ralf is the author of the behavioral book If Your Dog Could Talk: Understand Your Dog Like Never Before.

Ralf loves helping people have a better relationship with their dogs. He is a certified professional dog trainer in the Training without Conflict™ methodology by Ivan Balabanov (TWC CPDT). Ralf is also a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and also holds their basic and advanced dog trainer certifications (IACP CDT, CDTA). In addition, Ralf is an AKC-approved evaluator for the AKC Puppy Star, CGC, and Advanced CGC programs and is also certified in canine first aid by the Red Cross.

Sarah Gill, Certified Professional Master Trainer

Sarah Gill, is a professional service dog trainer and handler. Sarah entered the world of professional service dog training after a car accident. As a result, she had to use a wheelchair for almost two years, trying to maneuver in a house not designed for it. No one expected Sarah would walk again. This opened her eyes and became a driving force behind pushing herself to defy the odds. When she regained some stability, Sarah attended a dog training school and learned how to train service dogs. Sarah completed her Master Trainer Certification and gained further experience by training new trainers. However, the school wasn’t accommodating to those with physical difficulties and PTSD. Hence, Sarah moved home to Dallas. In 2019, Sarah teamed up with Ralf and moved to California.

Sarah started this journey because she had a trained dog to mitigate her disabilities. But Sarah needed additional tasking for a new diagnosis. The only option she could find was getting a second dog for the new diagnosis. She knew there had to be a different way to address this. Sarah's passion is changing the ways of the service dog training industry.